Level of Difficulty in the Solo Cornet Part :

Note Range : Middle C to G above the stave - Range - Octave and a 5th.
Division of Solo Cornet Part : part divides into two on occasion, but always rhythmically similar.
Requirement to play SOLO or Cadenza : a small number of Solo Passages in each of the four movements - no cadenza requirement.
Frequency of repetition of highest notes : frequent Fs on the 5th.line – Gs occur three or four times in each of the four movements.
Fast Running Semi Quaver Passages : infrequent scale passages at a moderate tempo.
Fast Passages with recurring leaps : none.

Other Technical/ Stylistic Requirements : ability to play legato, ability to play staccato, abilty to play single accented notes (>), ability to play double accent notes (^).

Dynamic Range : pp to ff.

Mutes Required : none for Solo Cornets.

Notable requirements for other instruments in the band in this piece :
Solos for Eb. Soprano
Solos for Solo Horn
Solo for Flugel Horn
Solos for Repiano (short)
Solos for Euphonium

Percussion Requirements :

Timpani : none required.
Percussion 1 (two players) - Tambourine, Side Drum, Triangle, Loose Cymbal, Bell ( Glockenspiel), Bass Drum.