WATERFRONT SKETCHES - Parts & Score, NEW & RECENT Publications, TEST PIECES (Major Works)

WATERFRONT SKETCHES - Parts & Score, NEW & RECENT Publications, TEST PIECES (Major Works)
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Published 22nd April 2020
Cat No. JM105362
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Composer: Alan Fernie
Categories: NEW & RECENT Publications, TEST PIECES (Major Works)

Duration 12.00

Waterfront Sketches was commissioned by the National Children's Band of Great Britain and premiered by them at Repton School in July 2016. The composer was asked to write a work reflecting the four nations that make up the United Kingdom and found inspiration in exploring the rich cultural heritage that can be found in our great port cities.
There are four separate movements:
I. BELFAST - "She was fine when she left here.."
A dark, brooding opening, full of industrial noise and clamour, and reflecting the epic construction of the SS Titanic. Little did they know...
II. GLASGOW - The Vital Spark at Broomielaw
An affectionate portrait of Neil Munro's "Para Handy Tales", and the adventures of the madcap crew of the puffer "The Vital Spark" as it sailed up and down the Firth of Clyde from its berth in the heart of Old Glasgow. Full of quirky west coast humour, and much loved by Scots the world over.
III. CARDIFF - A Romance in Black and Gold
An imaginary soundtrack to a doomed love story in the melting pot of Tiger Bay.
IV. PORTSMOUTH - Of Tallships and Towers, and Tales from Ashore
A rumbustious finale, portraying the energy and activity of this still busy waterfront, with frequent references to our glorious nautical heritage.

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