LYDIAN PICTURES - Parts & Score, TEST PIECES (Major Works)

LYDIAN PICTURES - Parts & Score, TEST PIECES (Major Works)
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Composer / arranger: Simon Dobson
Category: TEST PIECES (Major Works)

A Suite in three movements.

1. Fanfares & Dances
2. Romance
3. Folk Song

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This piece was commissioned for the 2003 Regional Contests of the National Championships of Great Britain, Section 4
“The Work’s title refers to the Lydian mode, a way of re-organising certain parts of major or minor scales to produce different sounding rows of notes. The Lydian Mode has a raised or augmented 4’, so the mode (when transposed into C) would have an F# in the place of an F natural. I
believe that music written using this mode had a very open, free, warm and sonorous sound. This can be heard in the recurring four note bass motif (e.g. C, G, F#, A), in the accompaniment of the second movement and in the various orchestrations of the folk song in the final movement.
Each of the movements should be imagined as a picture, with it’s own stories and colours. The movements are each inspired by or are reminiscent of pictures, sounds, places or people I have seen or known.

The first movement should be full of vigour and fire, with a very buoyant and energetic approach.
The second movement should be almost the opposite with a relaxed, expressive and an almost lullaby-like quality.
The final movement should, be above all fun, full of bouncing rhythms and have a dance like snappy, pointy sound.”
Simon Dobson, April 2002.

Percussion needed:
Snare drum, bass drum, suspended cymbal, clash cymbals, Bodhrán (Irish folk drum)/ dampened floor torn, three
wood/temple blocks (high, medium, low), Glockenspiel, chimes, triangle, 2 x Timpani.

Duration: 11 minutes, approx.

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