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Cat No. JM41024
Price £44.95
Composer: Morley Calvert

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A suite in three movements :

01. Marianne s'en va-i-au Moulin (Quebec )
02. She's Like a Swallow (Newfoundland )
03. J'entends le Moulin ( Quebec )

Comments by Lieut-Colonel Ray Bowes :

It was in 1968 that this suite of skilfully arranged, traditional Canadian folk tunes was first heard in the United Kingdom, when the New York Staff Band played it at the Bandmasters’ Councils Festival held in the Royal Albert Hall. The reception left one in no doubt as to the effectiveness of the performance and the immediate appeal of the music.

I. Marianne s’cn va-t-au Moulin (Marianne goes to the mill)
An exciting beginning which must not be mined by an undisciplined approach to the rhythmic and dynamic features so liberally expressed in the score. Indeed, the whole of the movement needs much care to ensure that a balance between correctness and uninhibited playflilness be accomplished, which should reveal the humour of the arrangement without a loss of dignity.

U. She’s like the swallow
It is to be hoped that this beautiful music will not be outraged by insensitive handling, but will be played with an awareness of its deeper natural charm, undisturbed by excessive interpretation. The balance and blend of the last four bars will need carefhl attention — the muted high comet part could create difficulties in intonation.

III. J’entends le moulin (I hear the mill)
The jaunty tune with which the movement commences is repeated at intervals using various instrumental groups, so it is essential that the Euphonium gives a pattern of accurate note relationships with lightness of style as directed. An unusual feature is the hand clapping required at R which should be just as precise as any instrumental part. The music gathers momentum and a full-band arrangement of the principal tune brings this most acceptable composition to a close.

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