LULLABY - Parts & Score, NEW & RECENT Publications, SLOW TUNES

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Published 2nd August 2021
Cat No. JM105741
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Composer: Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Categories: NEW & RECENT Publications, SLOW TUNES

"Lullaby" was commissioned by Adie & Chrissy, for the first birthday of their beautiful daughter Elizabeth Rose.

When we discussed what sort of piece they wanted, we talked about the possibility of a solo for a specific instruument or a general piece for the ensemble.
Both Adie and Chrissy wanted a lyrical piece featuring different soloists so that it was accessible for all ensembles. So I set about composing and creating a melody line that reflected Elizabeth's beauty and her gentle nature. Featuring a variety soloists and sections within the ensemble "Lullaby" takes you on a lovely musical journey. Hope you enjoy.

Paul Lovatt-Cooper 
Summer 2018

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