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Published 20th January 2022
Cat No. JM105793
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Composer: Paul Cosh
Category: NEW & RECENT Publications

This Brass Essentials: An Arban Companion works through the Arban Cornet Method in the sequence that the excerpts appear in the original publication. It is not a method in itself, but a way to address the building blocks of a solid technique - good sound, good intonation, developing technical skills and applying rhythmic accuracy. It is suitable for all valve instruments.
Simply choose which of the sections applies to the issues you are facing in your playing at any given time. Advice is given at the head of each section on how to deal with the technical processes involved for that particular area of practice as well as suggestions on rehearsal and performance tempi.  
A regular approach to the most basic aspects of playing a brass instrument will help maintain a strong technique whilst addressing any problems that may occur during your playing life, as they do from time to time. It can also provide a regular practice diet that will encourage real attention to detail. 
Brass Essentials: An Arban Companion can be used as a resource for teachers helping players starting out on their musical journey, but also performers at any point in their musical life as a back-to-basics approach is often the way forward when dealing with playing issues. The overriding principle is that every note counts!
Section Headings : Set-Up, Articulation and Sound; Light Articulations; Syncopation, Spacing and Rhythm; Single Tonguing; Controlled Slurring Technique; Running Scales and Chromatics; Breathing, Shaping and Phrasing; Arpeggios, Dominant Sevenths and Diminished Sevenths; Triple Tonguing; Double Tonguing; The Studies
Paul Cosh is the best teacher I've ever worked with, I owe him so much. He has the answer to any issue and his advice was invaluable. I will always go to him if I need to discuss playing issues.
James Fountain, Principal Trumpet, The London Symphony Orchestra
Paul Cosh is the only person I would go to with technical or performance issues. He is a great teacher. 
Steve Stewart, Soprano Cornet Supremo
Paul Cosh is a terrific teacher. He has the ability to see a student’s needs, musically, physically and, most importantly, mentally. Good straightforward advice from Paul has helped me on many occasions throughout my career. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, just fantastic teaching. 
Kate Moore, Principal Trumpet, BBC Concert Orchestra
Lessons from Paul Cosh are an enlightening experience for both students and staff. His care and attention to individual needs is so refreshing and his approach to students of all ages is engaging, informative and reaps rewards long after his visit is over. Paul’s teaching is clear and thoughtful, based on an outstanding knowledge of the technical challenges, delivered with clear, precise advice. 
Paul Denegri, former Head of Brass, Wells Cathedral School

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