SHIPBUILDERS, THE - Parts & Score, TEST PIECES (Major Works)

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SHIPBUILDERS, THE - Parts & Score, TEST PIECES (Major Works)

Cat No. JM31267
Price £55.00
Composer: Peter York
Category: TEST PIECES (Major Works)

Set as the 4th. Section Testpiece for the 2008 National finals in Harrogate.

Previously set as 3rd. & 4th. section testpieces.
duration 9.50

This a wonderful original suite for brass band by Peter Yorke.

It is in four movements :

1. Web of Steel - 2.30
2. The Launching - 2.15
3. All Hands at Work - 2.15
4. Maiden Voyage - 2.00

Great musical imagery, and should be set as a fourth section testpiece more often.

If you enjoyed listening to these four audio extracts and want to hear the complete performance of this work, then you can do so by purchasing the CD entitled "HARRY MORTIMER - A Tribute in Music" QPRL 050D, available in the CD section of this site.
This CD is infact a great purchase with loads of good repertoire that make great listening for all bandsmen - go on, check it out see what else you could be listening to apart from a complete performance of Peter Yorke's "The Shipbuilders" !

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